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Sometimes it worries me that I have a lot of missing or broken systems in my company.

It’s easy to become paralyzed by the pressure of having to have everything “perfectly organized.” That can prevent me from even trying new things. (Being the systems coach and all!).

Right now I’m working on my blogging system and I’m struggling. Even though I don’t have the system tight yet, I’m not going to let it stop me from trying. The mindset for getting organized and profitable in business is to just keep moving forward in the direction of your goals.

Last week I made a statement that I was going to blog on Mondays and Thursdays.  You will notice today is Tuesday, late on Tuesday…. 10:26 pm in fact and I should be in bed!

I took a step back to look at the system I wrote down for blogging to see where it might be broken.

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HOW to Blog

  • Sign into WordPress
  • Click “Add New” under “Posts”
  • Write Blog and Save Draft
  • Add Pictures
  • Message Admin to Edit
  • Review and Hit Publish!

What’s Missing from My Blogging System?

calendarSound simple enough?   Looking back I forgot a few important steps.  The main one was that I didn’t put the task of writing the blogs on my calendar — as often happens when you are busy running a company, you forget. Sometimes business owners forget really big things like making timely bank deposits or calling clients back. Most systems have a timing component and need to be on a schedule, calendar or other reminder tool.  Build the timing into the system.

In my decision to blog, I want to be completely transparent about what it takes to gain real freedom and prosperity owning a company. The strategy I offer is to ask yourself and your team when things go sideways, “What is the missing or broken system?” Then work towards putting something better in place so that the next time it won’t be an issue.

Who else is setting up a blog system right now? Add a comment and let’s talk about how it’s going.

~ Beverlee


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