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Getting Your System Together For Scheduling Tasks And Appointments

Getting Your System Together for Scheduling Tasks and Appointments

Prior to owning a smartphone I missed a lot of deadlines and appointments. Prior to auto-debit online banking I missed a lot of payments. In fact, going way back I remember getting a Hydro disconnection notice for non-payment even though I had enough money in my bank account to pay my bills. The cost was huge in terms of my credit and my bank account paying all that interest and at times penalties. Being a strategic business owner means taking the time to figure out what you need to do when and actually putting those tasks into some form of calendar that will prompt and remind you to take action. Those items can be bills due, employee performance plans to complete, tax returns to file and even an annual vacation to book because you know if you don't write it down, chances are it either won't happen or will happen late.
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When Policies And Procedures Kill Sales And Service

When Policies and Procedures Kill Sales and Service

This holiday season I have seen more bad behavior caused by staff following policies and procedures than any other year. I doubt the owners of these companies have any clue that the systems and structure they put in place are actually hurting their service reputation and costing them money.
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Missing Or Broken Systems

Missing or Broken Systems

Sometimes it worries me that I have a lot of missing or broken systems in my company. It's easy to become paralyzed by the pressure of having to have everything "perfectly organized." That can prevent me from even trying new things. (Being the systems coach and all!). Right now I'm working on my blogging system and I'm struggling. Even though I don't have the system tight yet, I'm not going to let it stop me from trying. The mindset for getting organized and profitable in business is to just keep moving forward in the direction of your goals.
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Should I Give My Staff A Christmas Bonus This Year?

Should I give my staff a Christmas Bonus this year?

Are you giving your staff a Christmas bonus this year? How about a holiday party or other recognition this month? Many small business owners struggle with deciding exactly how to share the spirit of the holiday season with their teams -- and very often they also struggle with figuring out how to pay for these extra one-time-a-year expenses. Over the years I have witnessed everything from the business owner bringing in sandwiches for the staff to share all the way up to expensive all-weekend destination parties. I've seen Christmas bonuses range from a grocery store gift card for a turkey up to tens of thousands of dollars paid annually around this time of year.
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Social Media Fail And What To Do About It

Social Media Fail and What to do About It

Ugg! So how's the social media going for you, Beverlee? Each week I promised myself I'm going to set up my Social Media System and then rock it so that I can help others struggling with the same issue. And every week for the past 41 weeks I have failed to do this.
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Excitement And Anxiety In Running A Business

Excitement and Anxiety in Running a Business

Do you... React based on assumptions? Get caught up in others people's problems? Make decisions because of what others might think? Often bypass your own best practices in your company? Intend to document how you want things done but don't ever seem to get around to it?
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One Cool Strategy For The Holiday-Sidetracked Entrepreneur

One Cool Strategy for the Holiday-Sidetracked Entrepreneur

I don't know about you but while I am working, I am constantly fighting distractions -- from the web, my kids, a co-worker or just my mind wandering off. It takes incredible discipline, focus and great systems to keep on task as an entrepreneur. Now add to the mix the holidays and busy times between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Despite our best intentions, with all the shopping, parties, cooking, cleaning and holiday events (whew!), staying on top of business goals gets even more difficult.
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Why Do You Put Things Off?

Why do you put things off?

5.5 Steps to "Doing it Now" - Prioritize. Before you even check your e-mail make a list of 4 things you want to accomplish today. - Do ONE thing at a time - Take a physical break where you step outside at least every 90 minutes - Allow yourself to fully focus on the project in front of you - Ask yourself "What will I have if I finish this now?"
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