Why Cash Flow Reports Are Important To Your Small Business Success

Understanding how cash moves in and out of your business strengthen your ability to make good business decisions. How you spend or save your cash affects your company’s financial health as well as your ability to market, develop your products and team, and take time away from work. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for small business

The Simple Secret You Need to Know to Have a Profitable Small Business

If not to make a profit then why are you working so hard? The most common question about profit asked by small business owners is: “why when my books show that I made a profit don’t I have any money in the bank?”. Do you know where your money went? Being fully familiar with your

3 Important Small Business Financial Reports You Need to Know

Finances can be daunting to even the savviest entrepreneurs. Luckily, there’s a way to simply and strategically attack this fear. Instead of fixating on the overwhelming stack of bills, financial statements and invoices, you can make informed decisions about your business with just three financial reports. I’m not saying you should ignore everything else, but

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