Companies Live and Die by Their Customer Service

Ask anyone in your family or your close circle of friends this question, “When have you received the best customer service?” They will tap their chin and think about it. Then, they will regale a story about a hotel that helped them get checked in early. Maybe an online company didn’t charge them for something due

9 Essential Sections You Can Include in a Business Plan

As an entrepreneur, your business plan is one of your most important documents. Your plan is the best way to share your goals and secure financing. A well-written plan shares your story, drive, passion, and tells the world that you are serious and committed to making your dream real. So what should you include in

What is Systems Thinking and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

Are you looking for a strategy that can turn your small business from chaos to calm, struggling to profitable? If so, you are going to love systems thinking. What is systems thinking? Systems thinking is a mindset and strategy for solving problems. When someone uses systems thinking they analyze HOW something is happening and make

The Most Reliable Way to Improve Your Manufacturing Process

The systems/processes you use to produce and deliver your product or service will determine your ultimate business success. If you can’t get your product to your customers or create a product at a reasonable price, you won’t make money or retain customers. If you get your customers their products at the expense of your team,

Top 7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Supplier

Suppliers determine many of the costs of your business and can significantly impact the quality of your product. The relationship with your supplier can make or break your business. With such high stakes, what factors should you consider when choosing a supplier? Price Quality Reliability Communication Financially stable Capacity Payment terms 1. Price Price is

How to Choose the Best KPIs For Your Small Business

Every small business has unique and specific key performance indicators (KPI’s) that need to be closely monitored. Am I profitable? Are my staff happy? Does Google know we exist? How many web viewers become paying customers? How much money do I have in the bank? What are my best sellers? How are our online reviews?

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