3 Workplace Culture Examples that Build Strong Businesses

Think about company culture as the human operating system in your business. Culture is created by how people who work in your company (including you) behave. Cultures can be described as positive, vibrant, negative, formal or any other descriptive summary of how it feels to be working in your environment. Here are three workplace culture

5 Factors That Support an Ideal Work Environment in Any Small Business

What contributes to an ideal work environment? This is a preference that is held by you and your team. An ideal work environment will look different for every small business. Here are some key factors you can use to shape your business into a great place to work. 1. Leadership Who is leading the way?

4 Things That Have an Enormous Impact on Your Workplace Culture

Think about workplace culture as the human operating system in your business. How people who work in your company (including you) behave creates the workplace culture. Culture is how people experience your company. As the owner and leader of your business, you personally have the biggest influence on your company’s culture. Culture is also driven

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