How to Reward Dedication and Labour in Your Small Business

Yesterday in British Columbia there was a statutory holiday called Labour Day. Most offices and businesses took the day off. It’s a nice break from all the hard work everyone has been putting in this year. I wanted to take a moment and appreciate the labour that goes into your organization and how you can

Why Systems are the #1 Strategy for Small Business Growth.

Running a small business is hard. There is so much to know to just maintain a business, let alone grow it into a profitable and thriving company. An entrepreneur may be a skilled technician (ex. a hairdresser) yet when they go to open their own company (ex. hair salon) they face a huge learning curve.

The Startup Stage: Finance Tips for Your New Business

The startup stage of entrepreneurship holds a strange duality; you are excited to pursue this new venture and nervous that it may not work out. Perhaps you are itching to quit your job and dive into this business, but you haven’t made the leap yet because of the financial security your day job offers. You

9 Essential Sections You Can Include in a Business Plan

As an entrepreneur, your business plan is one of your most important documents. Your plan is the best way to share your goals and secure financing. A well-written plan shares your story, drive, passion, and tells the world that you are serious and committed to making your dream real. So what should you include in

What is Systems Thinking and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

Are you looking for a strategy that can turn your small business from chaos to calm, struggling to profitable? If so, you are going to love systems thinking. What is systems thinking? Systems thinking is a mindset and strategy for solving problems. When someone uses systems thinking they analyze HOW something is happening and make

5 Functional Areas of Business You Need to Know as an Entrepreneur

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs wear many hats. Especially when you are first starting out, and sometimes even until retirement, small business owners have a lot to do. It is no wonder so many businesses fail: there is so much to know and apply to be successful in business.  What’s most important to focus on?

145 Small Business Theme Ideas For This Year and How to Choose Yours

You may think of a theme as something saved for parties or English essays. Did you know it’s also an effective tool for leading your small business? A theme is a simple thing. It’s a recurring idea that shows up in all your business goals. When you identify your theme, it acts as a guide.

The Most Reliable Way to Improve Your Manufacturing Process

The systems/processes you use to produce and deliver your product or service will determine your ultimate business success. If you can’t get your product to your customers or create a product at a reasonable price, you won’t make money or retain customers. If you get your customers their products at the expense of your team,

Why Coaching is the New Leadership Skill You Need

You’ve probably heard of business coaching before. And I’m guessing that when you picture a business coach, you think of someone from outside of your organization who can come in and help your business prosper and grow. But did you know that coaching is also a communication technique you can use with your team? What

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