What is Systems Thinking and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

Are you looking for a strategy that can turn your small business from chaos to calm, struggling to profitable? If so, you are going to love systems thinking. What is systems thinking? Systems thinking is a mindset and strategy for solving problems. When someone uses systems thinking they analyze HOW something is happening and make

Why Systems Will Save Struggling Small Businesses

Did you open your business imagining a life of freedom and prosperity? And now… you are struggling to save your business in the aftermath of a global pandemic. To say “it’s been hard” is a massive understatement. You are either stressed, working 24/7, living in debt or envious of anyone who can afford to take

3 Things You Need to Motivate Your Team

What’s your team like at your small business? Are you happy with their work? Are THEY happy with their work? How can you motivate your team to improve their performance? People are inspired to do their best when they use their talents to positively contribute to an organization. You need to recognize your employee’s contributions.

A Brilliant and Basic Checklist For Choosing a Business Location

When choosing a business location you’ve probably heard this advice: “Location, Location, Location!” But what does that mean exactly? It’s more like a warning than advice. It’s like someone shouting “Speed bump!” to a 16-year old who has never driven a car. Do they speed up? Slow down? Swerve around it? Who knows! A warning

The Top Tasks to Effectively Delegate for More Free Time

There is so much a business owner needs to do on any given day, it is ridiculously challenging to even think about what to delegate— let alone how to delegate tasks effectively! At this time, your delegation system might not be yielding the results you want. You try to share responsibilities, yet tasks keep falling

A Simple Guide to Organizational Charts for Small Business Owners

*** FREE Bonus Resource: Position Agreement Template*** Like most small business owners, you probably got into business for greater prosperity and freedom, not to simply create a job for yourself. Yet you find yourself doing everything in the company. And if you step away for a second it all falls apart. Sound familiar? Without planning

8 Attributes of a Successful Small Business Leader

You have built and are now leading a small business. This is an amazing accomplishment! Even though it might not feel like it at times. It’s hard to see how far you’ve come when you are busy running everything. And every day that you run your business, every reaction and decision you make shapes how

A Reliable and Tested System For Hiring the Perfect Candidate

***FREE Bonus Resource: Position Agreement Template*** Have you ever used these words to describe hiring someone? It’s common for small business owners to hate hiring. Hate is a strong word. It’s true, hiring sucks. It’s like forced dating. It is emotional, time-consuming and scary. Hiring is one of your largest expenses.* And taking on the

How to Write a Successful Partnership Agreement

So you’re looking to team up with another person or business? Just the thought of it opens up your business to a whole new world of possibility. But wait! Before you head out on that new business partnership honeymoon, there are some critical things you need to consider. When I worked for Michael Gerber, author

Why You Need to Lead a Learning Organization in 2021

Has your company been able to ride the roller-coaster of change this past year? Or do you feel you are too short for the ride? (Why did they let you on this thing?!) You are not alone. The global pandemic has challenged many businesses with sudden changes (and continues to do so.) So today I

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