5 Ways to Keep Customers: Why Terrific Customer Service Matters

You work really hard to gain your business customers and clients. How can you keep them? By showing them you understand what they want from you. Sure, they want your product or service but they also want the experience that surrounds that purchase. Business either thrives or dies based on what business owners know about

The Small Business Marketing Checklist: 17 Prompts to Grow Your Company

Have you taken time to review your marketing and sales strategy lately? To help you recognize places for opportunities, I created this small business marketing checklist. If you can concretely answer all of these questions, you have a strong marketing system! If you don’t know the answer, then you’ve found an opportunity to grow your

5 Brilliant Sales Tips from Successful Business Professionals and Writers

Here’s a round-up of quotes from great business minds. How can you apply these sales tips for success in your business? 1. Everyone sells “Everyone lives by selling something.” Robert Louis Stevenson Often times entrepreneurs feel guilty or shameful about selling their products. Selling is part of life. We learn to sell early. Imagine a

Brilliant Branding Basics For Small Business Owners

“Branding? That’s like my company colours and logo, right?” Yes, and then some! More than a clever logo, the basics of your small business brand is the experience people have of doing business with you. It only takes a split second for consumers to make a judgement about us and our company. “Products are made

Is In-Person Networking Relevant in an Age of Social Media?

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Staff, suppliers, taxes, scheduling… the list goes on! The idea of adding social media networking to the mix might make you want to slide under your desk and hide. You’re probably asking yourself “Do I HAVE to do this?” Yes, you have to

3 Reasons Why Customers Pay Your Price— or Not.

Price has a significant influence on your customer’s purchasing decision. Once a consumer becomes aware of a problem, they research and gather information including price. Then they evaluate options, make the purchase, and determine if that was a good decision or not. Pricing your product or service accurately is an art and a science. Get

5 Effective Promotional Marketing Methods to Increase your Reach

Your promotional marketing methods are used to motivate customers to buy. And it’s frustrating when they aren’t doing that! It’s even worse when you are spending too much money trying to increase sales with little to show for it. So, why aren’t your ideal customers buying? Is it just the pandemic, or something else? Chances

10 Essential Systems for successful Marketing & Sales

Marketing is more than making a brochure, advertising on social media or building a new website.  While these activities are part the marketing process,  there is much more that needs to be considered before spending your valuable time,  money and effort trying to get new customers.  The top 10 primary marketing systems make a solid plan

Marketing your Business for Cheap

I don’t like the word cheap but when it comes to marketing your businesses you don’t have to spend a lot to money to have a big impact. Every day I see so many clever things small business owners are doing to market their products and services that cost little or no money resulting in huge returns. Curiously enough most often these entrepreneurs don’t even realize it’s marketing……

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