Creating a Culture of Systems Thinking in your Small Business

In the chaotic world of small businesses, adapting a systems thinking approach can be the difference between success and failure. This concept, eloquently described in Donella Meadows’ “Thinking in Systems” and echoed in the principles of “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, emphasizes the power of habits as disguised systems. But how do we translate this

Are Successful Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

So what do you believe? Are successful entrepreneurs born or made? Some people believe that successful business owners are born with the skills, attributes and qualities they need to lead. Others believe that through inspiration, education and practice, you can learn how to be a successful owner. Lots of research on both sides of this question has

The Secret to Taking the Day Off Work as a Small Business Owner

Like many of you, I’m a small business owner and yesterday I called in sick. Well, I actually I didn’t “call” in. I just decided that seeing as I felt dizzy and felt like I had the flu. So I would try taking the day off work. I was the only person I needed to

How to Create Joy in the Workplace to Motivate Employees

Do you agree with this statement? Typically managers try to motivate by rewarding above-average and punishing below-average employees. How do you think this method of reward/punishment motivates employees? The answer: it doesn’t! Deming’s management theory W. Edwards Deming, a thought leader in business management, talks about joy in work. He says, “Joy in one’s work

3 Essential Elements for Small Business Lead Generation

So you’ve started your small business and everything is running smoothly. What you need now is more customers. How can you do that? Lead generation! A lead = your potential customer. Generation = the ways you communicate to provide information about your products/services. Lead generation is the continuous activity of sending the right messages to

The Small Business Marketing Checklist: 17 Prompts to Grow Your Company

Have you taken time to review your marketing and sales strategy lately? To help you recognize places for opportunities, I created this small business marketing checklist. If you can concretely answer all of these questions, you have a strong marketing system! If you don’t know the answer, then you’ve found an opportunity to grow your

Why Systems are the #1 Strategy for Small Business Growth.

Running a small business is hard. There is so much to know to just maintain a business, let alone grow it into a profitable and thriving company. An entrepreneur may be a skilled technician (ex. a hairdresser) yet when they go to open their own company (ex. hair salon) they face a huge learning curve.

What is Systems Thinking and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

Are you looking for a strategy that can turn your small business from chaos to calm, struggling to profitable? If so, you are going to love systems thinking. What is systems thinking? Systems thinking is a mindset and strategy for solving problems. When someone uses systems thinking they analyze HOW something is happening and make

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