14 Empowering Ways Small Business Owners Can Improve Their Time Management

Small business owners need to be masters of time management because there’s so much to do on any given day. I’ve seen small business owners push themselves to the limits to meet these demands. And instead of being invigorated by their achievements, they feel burnt out. If that’s you, you can try some of the

7 Common Traps that Stop You From Building Trust with Your Employees

7 Common Traps That Stop You From Building Trust with Your Employees

Do you trust your team? Or are you biting your nails waiting for a call when you are out of the office? If you are, you may have fallen into a trust trap! These are patterns small business owners fall into that could affect the performance of their team. So how can you build trust

3 Things You Need to Motivate Your Team

What’s your team like at your small business? Are you happy with their work? Are THEY happy with their work? How can you motivate your team to improve their performance? People are inspired to do their best when they use their talents to positively contribute to an organization. You need to recognize your employee’s contributions.

How to Improve Communication in Your Organization

How to Improve Communication in Your Organization

Who has the most influence on how well an organization communicates? YOU! The owner and leader of your business. Your greatest leadership asset is your ability to communicate. Do this well and everything else will fall into place. Communication systems What is a system? A system is simply the way something happens. The way you do anything in

The #1 Thing Small Business Owners Neglect

Could it be over-due bills? Team building? Social media presence? It may come as a surprise to you, but the #1 thing small business owners neglect is themselves. Issues that come up are general health, exhaustion, no exercise, not taking prescribed medication, not taking time to go to a doctor, being overweight, no sleep, self-medicating

Why Every Business Leader Needs to Practice Personal Mastery

In the front window of my friend’s house is a lemon tree. It’s a small tree, sitting at about 2ft tall. For the longest time, my friend was perplexed as to why it wasn’t growing. She spritzed it with water twice a day and she rotated the pot so the plant was getting an even

The Entrepreneur’s Secret to Lasting Motivation.

The Entrepreneur's Secret to Lasting Motivation

Our motivation stems from our entrepreneurial vision. Yet, our vision evades us as we wade through our day-to-day tasks. Our ability to stand up after getting knocked down starts to wain. The daily grind gets exhausting. With each new idea, comes a new challenge, and with each new challenge, there’s another challenge tucked inside. It’s

8 Attributes of a Successful Small Business Leader

8 Attributes of a Successful Small Business Leader

You have built and are now leading a small business. This is an amazing accomplishment! Even though it might not feel like it at times. It’s hard to see how far you’ve come when you are busy running everything. And every day that you run your business, every reaction and decision you make shapes how

What Most Small Business Owners Don’t Know About Brand Promise.

What Most Small Business Owners Don't Know About Brand Promise

Maintaining a small business is hard. The day-to-day tasks take up a remarkable chunk of mental and emotional energy. And just when you think you have it all sorted out, you’re suddenly hearing things like “you should focus on your brand promise”. You’re probably thinking “Why? What is that? I’m busy. Do I really have

Why You Need to Lead a Learning Organization in 2021

Rollercoaster in the Sunset

Has your company been able to ride the the roller-coaster of change this past year? Or do you feel you are too short for the ride? (Why did they let you on this thing?!) You are not alone. The global pandemic has challenged many businesses with sudden changes (and continues to do so.) So today

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