Yes that’s me!

Which one describes you the best

Understanding what drives or motives us is the key to unlocking our full potential as a leader. Which one of these words says “yes that’s me“?

Gratitude is the catalyst for feeling joy

Beverlee feeling joy in nature

Ever wonder why you don’t feel the high happy feeling of joy as often as you may have felt as a child?  I did and set out this summer to find out why.  I though maybe I wasn’t getting enough physical exercise or maybe being inside in front of the computer so often was robbing

2012 – The Year to Celebrate!

2012 is the year to celebrate

As has been a tradition in our home we give the new Year a theme….for us 2012  is “The Year to Celebrate”.  In past years we have had “The Year of the Family” where we focused on “fun family Friday’s”  and other kid/parent participation activities and purposely had more extended family dinners.  We had “The

No Vision…No Problem..not yet anyway!

Have a close look at this picture….it in every way describes what happens when a small business owner does not have a crystal clear vision for the future that they can live and work towards today.  Future visioning may seem “fluffy” and “new age” and not as relevant as collecting your 120 day overdue receivable

Do you have courage in business?

Courage is being brave enough to do what you should do

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nan Have you ever considered how courage or lack thereof plays out in our ability to really get what we want in this life or from our business?  Most of us are not afraid of much except for what others might “think” of us.  Just

Giving away your power

Giving power to employees

Are you feeling as if you have no options in resolving a current frustration? Does it feel like no matter which way you turn you can’t win? Chances are if you look really closely at the situation you may have at some point given away your most precious personal resource…your power. Any time you feel

Are you getting enough LIFE out of your business?

Do you desire a better work-life balance? Are you sacrificing personal time, finances, family time, fitness time, quiet time, just to keep your business going? Why are you in business? Do you ask yourself that question sometimes?  Does your business serve you or are you a servant to your business? Do your clients get a

Designing and Building Winning Strategies

Masterful Coaching by Robert Hargrove

We believe that executive coaching is the last remaining puzzle piece in designing and building winning strategies and organizations. This is the last remaining piece of leverage for impacting human performance, both individually and collectively. Perhaps, it is the last place an executive can turn to ask far-reaching questions regarding their results, development or potential

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